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Here you can read the terms and conditions that apply at COPENHELL, how we handle your data, how it works for foreign volunteers, both EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA and how it works with certificates.

When you sign up as a volunteer for COPENHELL, you must accept all of the below.


Terms & Conditions for Volunteers at COPENHELL 2023.

The rules of COPENHELL follow the general rules of good behavior in the society. Always follow the instructions of the Security staff - they are there to take care of us all and make sure we all have an epic festival at COPENHELL.

If the following Terms & Conditions and the general ethics of our society are exceeded or breached, we reserve the right to blacklist you, cut your wristband and/or send you a violation fee.


I vow that I am 18 years old before my first shift in June 2023.
Or I am a member of COPENHELL’s under 18 team for volunteers.


I acknowledge:

As a Hellraiser I volunteer for min. 36 hours, before/during/after the festival.

As a Warrior I volunteer for min. 24 hours, before/after the festival.

As a Fighter I volunteer for min. 18 hours during the festival.

As a Junior I volunteer for min. 16 hours during the festival and min. 24 hours before/after the festival. I will never work for more than 8 hours a day and will always have 12 hours of rest in between my shifts

As a bar, foodstall and associations/club volunteer I volunteer for min. 18 hours during the festival or min. 24 hours before/after the festival. I will work no more than 12 hours per day and with a min. of 8 hours between shifts


I acknowledge:

That COPENHELL may contact me via email, phone calls, and text-messages

That I COPENHELL in case it´s necessary can move me to another, somewhat similar, team. If this should become relevant, COPENHELL will always contact you and inform you about the change

That the deadline for cancellation is no later than June 1st, 2023, after which my registration is binding

That I may not be absent from a shift

That in case of sudden illness and/or unpredictable incidents, I promise to report to my volunteer coordinator or the volunteer office as soon as possible. This must be done over phone

That I must be ready to work from the start of the shift and therefore arrive in enough time to check-in etc. before my shift starts. If I am late COPENHELL has the right to give me warning and/or assign me another shift

That in special cases COPENHELL may require a medical certificate to confirm illness. I must pay for the certificate myself

That COPENHELL, in case of absence, late cancellation of a shift or breach of Terms & Conditions, may blacklist me as a volunteer and/or cut my wristband and send me a fee of 2000 DKK for each shift you miss


I acknowledge:

That I, as a volunteer at COPENHELL, am expected to work in accordance with the current Working Environment legislation in Denmark

That I am always obliged to follow guidelines for the use of relevant work equipment as well as other guidelines current for the performance of the work

That I am expected to draw attention to physically and psychologically inappropriate working environments to my volunteer coordinator, team leader or the volunteer office


I acknowledge:

That the use and sale of narcotics is prohibited. If I experience any use or trade, I will contact either my volunteer coordinator, team leader, the volunteer office or security staff as soon as possible

That I will not show up to my shift inebriated/intoxicated, nor is it allowed to consume alcohol during my shift. If I violate this, COPENHELL has the right to blacklist me, cut my wristband and send me a violation fee equal to the ticket price of COPENHELL 2023

That it is not allowed to give anything away from a stall, bar or anything else at COPENHELL. Serving free food or beverages and fraud with exchange money will be perceived as theft and reported to the Police

That it is not allowed to bring your own drinks during the festival - neither with nor without alcohol

That behavior that could result in a conviction for violence, fighting, threats, sexual abuse and vandalism is not acceptable. COPENHELL does a lot to ensure that all guests have a safe and secure festival. Violation of this will result in expulsion, cutting off the wristband and possibly blacklisting and police report


I acknowledge:

That it is my own responsibility if I choose to bring valuables to COPENHELL

That all volunteers at COPENHELL are insured through statutory occupational injury insurance. This covers personal injury, but not private belongings. For example, if I bring my computer or phone with me to COPENHELL, it is my own responsibility if it breaks or gets stolen.


I acknowledge:

That it is not allowed to bring tape recorders, camcorders, SLRs and professional photo equipment to COPENHELL without prior permission. However, small digital camcorders (pocket size) and mobile phones may be brought.

That it is not allowed to take pictures of the artists, ask for an autograph or otherwise contact them while at work. You will respect the artists´ privacy.

That all communication with the press goes through the management of COPENHELL. Therefore, as a volunteer, I am not allowed to give comments to the press about COPENHELL or on behalf of COPENHELL.


The following needs to be accepted as part of the signup for COPENHELLCREW:

I hereby consent to COPENHELL gathering and processing my personal data in the concern to me working as a volunteer at COPENHELL 2022.

Personal data includes name, address, date of birth, phone number, E-mail. The list is not exhaustive, however COPENHELL may not gather or process any sensitive data.

My consent includes COPENHELLs right to use my information in relation to the work as a volunteer at COPENHELL 2023. The information will be reused the following year to offer you a new volunteer job at COPENHELL.

My personal data is being processed according to the regulations set by The European Parliament and of The Councils Directive 2016/679 article 6, subsection 1a. (General Data Protection Regulation).

I am familiar with my right to withdraw my consent at any time after which my data will be deleted or destroyed. If you withdraw your consent, however, it is no longer possible to volunteer at Copenhell. Contact in the case of questions.

I have been made aware that I have a duty of confidentiality pursuant to Section 264d of the Danish Criminal Code regarding personal information that I come into possession of in connection with my work as a volunteer at COPENHELL. In this connection, I undertake to return, delete and/or destroy all data that may be covered by the Personal Data Regulation after the end of the festival.


If you live in a country that is part of the EU / EEA agreement or Switzerland, then you may freely apply to be a volunteer at COPENHELL.

If your place of residence is NOT part of the EU / EEA agreement or Switzerland, then you must apply for a residence and work permit/visa. We refer to

The above must be uploaded to the system during your registration as a volunteer, please have a picture of your visa and work permit ready before starting the registration. COPENHELL reserves the right to dismiss volunteers if they cannot present a valid residence and work permit/visa.


Certificates, driver’s licenses, and other permits must be shown during one’s shift if such is required.

If you have reported that you have a certificate, a driver’s license, or another permit during your registration, a copy of this will have to be uploaded. You will be obliged to upload this if you are on a team where this is a requirement.