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COPENHELL is Denmark's greatest rock and metal festival, which has drawn metal fans from both within and outside the country's borders to Copenhagen since the beginning of 2010. The peninsula called 'Refshaleøen' right in the middle of Copenhagen is the epicenter of these four days of hell on earth, and the raw, industrial surroundings are the perfect background for the brutal decibel bombardment from COPENHELL's three stages.

The purpose of COPENHELL has always been – and is still – presenting a festival that delivers a quality event for the audience every year, where they will be able to both discover new music and headbang during immortal classics. We go to great lengths to give the audience a completely unique, total experience from the second they enter through the gates of hell. The parties in the Biergarten beer tent have achieved legendary status, and COPENHELL has loads of entertainment, evil art, demonic hangouts and twisted metal on offer everywhere on the festival site – all of that which you don't get anywhere else.

COPENHELL has become a tradition for many metal fans – also outside Denmark's borders, where the rumours about the thunder from the north have spread like a wildfire. COPENHELL is one of northern Europe's leading rock and metal festivals and therefore, COPENHELL is being organized purely by rock and metal fans – for rock and metal fans!


COPENHELL is a full-blooded city festival that takes place on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen's harbour. The festival site is a mere ten-minute bike ride from the city center, and COPENHELL is the only European rock and metal festival placed centrally in a big city. Therefore, most festival guests choose to spend the night in apartments or the many hotels or hostels close to the festival site. However, it is also possible to spend the night right outside the gates of hell on Refshaleøen itself. COPENHELL offers several camping options with the city's best view of the water and only a few minutes away from the festival site and the stages.


COPENHELL is held annually at the old B&W shipyard in Copenhagen, where ships and powerful diesel engines were manufactured for more than a hundred years. The monumental halls still loom ominously over the unbreakable concrete site, and the worn railway tracks towards the dock attest to the colossal metal monstrosities that were built by a workforce of 8,000 men until 1996. Today, another kind of metal is forged at the COPENHELL festival. It is still hot as hell, extremely heavy and uncontrollable like a supertanker in distress at sea and just like back then, the site comes alive with fire, sound infernos and the passion from several thousand dedicated metal lovers today.

Below you can find the Danish short film Mænd & Metal (Men & Metal) about the old B&W times and COPENHELL's entry into the area: