Through ten years, COPENHELL has been a safe and secure festival for everyone – and will be so in the future as well. COPENHELL is a free space where you can get away from your everyday life, let loose and go crazy, no matter if you want to humiliate old car wrecks in “Smadreland”, throw yourself into chaotic moshpits in front of the stages or go nuts in our Biergarten party tent all the way until the festival site closes. 

We show our guests a lot of trust because we know that they do the same with us. This mutual respect is an important factor that makes COPENHELL one of the Denmark’s best music festivals. Please read our rules of conduct below – they help ensure that everyone will have a great festival experience!


Alcohol and tobacco

You need to be 18 years old to buy alcohol at COPENHELL. Young people below the age of 18 may not be intoxicated or drink alcohol. Remember to bring your ID and be ready to show it upon request – also if you are 40 years old and have the face of a 14-year-old.

Young people below the age of 18 years will not be able to buy tobacco or e-cigarettes with our without nicotine.

The rules above apply to both the festival site and the camping area.


DRUGS and gas canisters

You are not allowed to ingest, use or sell drugs and gas canisters at the festival site and the camping area.


own FOOD and drinks

You are not allowed to bring your own food or drinks into the festival site – but please do feel free to bring everything from homemade cookies to beer sixpacks into COPENHELL Camping.


umbrellas, banners and flags

You may not bring umbrellas into the festival site, as the block peoples’ view during concerts. Instead, you can bring your own rainwear or purchase waterproof ponchos at the festival if the thunder god gets angry (but everyone obviously knows that it never rains at COPENHELL!).

Please show consideration towards others when you use banners and flags – and remove them if people behind you are unable to see the stage.


Fireworks and weapons

Fireworks are not allowed at the festival. You may not bring any kinds of weapons either – including pepper spray – to COPENHELL, so please leave your two-handed sword and your flamethrower back home. You are, however, allowed to wear an ammunition belt as long as it does not contain live rounds.

You may wear vests and jackets with spikes and studs on – within reason. We reserve the right to confiscate clothing items that are deemed potentially dangerous to other festivalgoers (e.g. jackets with several centimeter long pointy spikes on the shoulders).



You may not bring any pets into the festival site and the camping area.



Tables, chairs and other kinds of furniture are not allowed at the festival – please use our indoor and outdoor seating all over the festival site instead.


photo, video and audio equipment

You are allowed to bring compact cameras with detachable lenses, GoPro video cameras or similar as well as phones and tablets into the festival site. You may not bring DSLR cameras, larger video cameras, tripods and monopods, audio recorders and other kinds of recording equipment if you are not accredited as press.

You are not allowed to bring or use selfie sticks..



Take care of each other, and follow instructions from the safety staff.

We welcome everyone wearing impressive battle vests to COPENHELL – but please remember that gang-related back insignias or patches are strictly forbidden at both the festival site and in the camping area. 

You are not allowed to throw beverage mugs, balls or other objects.

No instances of violence, aggressive or threatening behaviour will be tolerated at the festival site or in the camping area.

Discrimination, sexism, racism, hateful speech and similar behaviour will not be tolerated at COPENHELL.

Unauthorised access to the festival site and the camping area is not allowed.

Any violations of these rules of conduct may result in confiscations, warnings, suspensions and/or police reports. In case a person below the age of 18 years violates these rules of conduct, relevant authorities and parents may be informed, aside from the sanctions mentioned above.

Professional crowd safety teams at concerts and on the festival sites will always be present to help everyone enjoy a safe and great festival. Please cooperate with them, as they are there for your safety. Metal fans are famous for taking great care of each other, but things get pretty wild in front of the stages. Therefore, it is even more important that everyone looks after each other – all the time! If you see someone fall, please help them up. If you see someone who is uncomfortable, help him or her out of the moshpit immediately.

Show consideration and use your common sense – we wish everyone a great festival!