The R.I.P. area is COPENHELL’s version of a VIP area and in 2019, it will be reimagined and upgraded significantly with a restaurant and bars with an exclusive selection of food and beverages, as well as a platform with an overview of the Pandæmonium stage. When you step into the R.I.P. area at COPENHELL 2019, you will move through a portal and enter an exciting parallel universe. In here, you will be able unwind and allow yourself some time for quiet reflection in the relaxing and luxurious surroundings. Here you will find a free space where you can pull the plug for a while and enjoy a unique cocktail or a sumptuous meal while you take in the fascinating atmosphere. During the evening, the R.I.P. area will turn into a pagan party in both spacious and intimate surroundings. This sensory and spiritual voyage of discovery is the perfect counterpoint to a busy festival site, and you will leave the R.I.P. area enriched in body, soul and mind.

The purchased R.I.P. ticket gives you a COPENHELL goodiebag (accredited R.I.P. guests do not receive a goodiebag). Your goodiebag contains and exclusive T-shirt, a bottle opener, a lighter and a power bank. It will be handed out when you scan your R.I.P. ticket at the R.I.P. entrance to the festival or when you get your wristband before the festival [venue to be confirmed]. Please note that you will not be able to pick up your goodie bag in the R.I.P. at the festival. T-shirt size should be informed upon purchase. The T-shirt can not be exchanged at the entrance or in the merchandise stalls on the festival site. Please note that you will not be able to pick up your goodiebag after the festival – so remember to go to the R.I.P. entrance to pick it up before you get your festival wristband. Goodiebags will also be handed out when you redeem R.I.P. tickets at our wristband events in Pumpehuset on Monday, June 17, and Tuesday, June 18.

If you need even more COPENHELL, we also offer tailored experiences with guided festival tours, among other things. Please contact for more information.