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Cars and motorcycles are parked on the parking lot by Kløvermarken at Raffinaderivej 14-16.

The parking lot opens on Wednesday, June 19 at 08:00 and closes again on Sunday, June 23 at 13:00 – all vehicles must be removed from the lot after this time. The parking lot is open 24/7 during this period.

There will be guards at the entrance to the parking lot 24/7, but parking of vehicles is at your own risk. You can only enter on foot if you are wearing a parking wrist band. For security reasons, you are not allowed to spend the night in cars on the parking lot.

Access to the area and parking of a car or motorcycle costs 200 DKK the first time you enter the lot. You can pay with credit card or MobilePay, and you will receive a voucher for your vehicle as well as a wristband for the number of people arriving in it (to a maximum of 4).

If you leave the parking lot and enter it again at a later time, the re-entry fee is 50 DKK, and you must show both the voucher for your car and your wristband(s). Please note that we cannot guarantee that the parking lot has space available for your vehicle if you leave and want to return later. If there is no space for you, you will not have to pay the re-entry fee of 50 DKK.

Festival guests who park their vehicle on the parking lot, and who are wearing parking wristbands, can use the complimentary shuttle buses that go back and forth between the parking lot and the festival site (not to be confused with the buses running from Copenhagen’s city center to the festival site).

The shuttle buses operate during the following hours:

Wednesday, June 19 from 10:00 to 03:00

Thursday, June 20 from 10:00 to 04:00

Friday, June 21 from 10:00 to 05:00

Saturday, June 22 from 10:00 to 05:00

Sunday, June 23 from 08:00 to 12:00


- Festival guests arriving at COPENHELL Camping by car can drive very close to the camping area in order to unload tents and people. After this, the vehicle must be turned around and driven to the parking lot. Please not that cars and motorcycles are not allowed closer to the festival site’s entrance than the Refshalevej crossing.

- The parking rules apply to everyone – also festival workers and volunteers.

- A very limited amount of handicap parking lots will be available close to the entrance to the festival site.

- If you arrive in a skull-painted Jagdpanzer tank or have other special needs, please feel free to contact the parking guards who make all the practical decisions regarding the area.

- Cars with caravans or camper trailers to be set up at COPENHELL Camping must be parked at the parking lot and not in the camping area. You are allowed to drive in and place the unit at COPENHELL Camping, but the vehicle must be removed subsequently. 


Bikes may not be parked  next to the entrance to the festival site. In order to free up more space for pedestrians and give people riding bikes better parking options, all bikes must be parked at the bike parking lot on your right-hand side right before the Refshalevej crossing between COPENHELL Camping and the festival site (pay attention to the signs as you get close) only a 2-3 minutes’ walk from the festival site.

Bikes can be parked on the lot from Wednesday, June 19 to Sunday, June 23. Guards are posted at the bike parking lot, but bikes are parked there at your own responsibility.

All bikes must be removed from the area no later than Sunday, June 23. Bikes still in the area after this date will be moved out to the gravel area next to it.

The bike parking lot will be signposted clearly, and guards next to the street will make sure everyone on bike is redirected in there.



This year, you will not be allowed to ride your bike closer to the festival site than the bike parking lot. We need to keep the entrance area completely clear from vehicles of any kind in order to leave as much space as possible for guests entering the festival site and make sure that no escape routes are blocked by bikes.

So be cool – park your bike at the bike parking lot, and help us make it as easy as possible for everyone to get to COPENHELL! By the way, we reserve the right to donate all bikes found in and around the entrance area to Smadreland!