In doubt about anything? Below you can find the most commonly asked questions about the festival:


Everyone who brings their own tent to COPENHELL Camping will receive two camping wristbands, as well as a voucher that allows access for two people with one tent when they redeem their camping ticket.

At the entrance to COPENHELL Camping, the voucher will be handed in, and the guard will control that you bring only one tent with you. Please remember that tent cannot be larger than 2.5 x 2.5 meters per camping ticket that you have bought. 

R.I.P Tickets

The R.I.P. ticket for COPENHELL 2019 provides access to the festival's exclusive R.I.P. area with a bar and lots of space for both wild parties and complete relaxation. Furthermore, the ticket gives hardcore festival enthusiasts a cool goodiebag with lots of COPENHELL merchandise – an exclusive T-shirt, a bottle opener, a lighter and a powerbank. Please note that you cannot pick up the goodie bag at pre-events or in the festival site’s R.I.P. area. You must indicate your T-shirt size during your ticket purchase. The T-shirt cannot be exchanged at neither the entrance or in the merchandise booths on the festival site. Please note that you will not be able to pick up your goodiebag after the festival. Go to the R.I.P. entrance to receive it when you get your festival wristband.


Children up to and including 12 years enter COPENHELL for free together with an adult with a valid ticket for the day (max 2 children per adult). We encourage all parents and guardians to show common sense and exercise caution: Make sure to protect the little ears properly and avoid bringing very small children too close to the stages during concerts. Also, please note that while COPENHELL is a very safe festival, we do recommend that children are not present on the festival after dark.


Wristbands can be acquired before festival start at a specific place in Copenhagen (TBA). We strongly recommend that everyone uses this option if possible, as it makes access to the festival site much easier for everyone and allows us to get as many people inside as possible very quickly.


You can use normal credit cards everywhere on the festival site and also MobilePay in certain places. You can only use cash in the stalls in the Styx area, in certain stalls in the Pandæmonium area, for parking, in Asgård and in the COPENHELL Camping showers. If you want to be on the safe side, you can purchase a Cash Card for cash, which you can use in all food stalls, restaurants and bars on the festival site. Please note, however, that the foreign merchandise stalls will not accept payment with the Cash Card; instead, you can use cash, credit card or PayPal here (varies from stall to stall. Any remaining Cash Card amounts can be refunded after the festival by contacting COPENHELL personally. Please note that the festival site will not have any ATM's.


Professional stage guards during the concerts and festival site guards are always present and will do their utmost to ensure that the audience will experience a safe and secure festival. Please do your best to cooperate with them – they are there for your safety. Metal fans are famous for taking good care of each other, but things can get wild in front of the stages. Therefore, it is extremely important that everybody watches out for each other – all the time! If you see someone fall, help him or her get up. If you see someone who appears to be feeling unwell, please help him or her get out of the moshpit immediately.

COPENHELL does not accept violence, racism and sexism. If you are subjected to this kind of behaviour or see others who are, please contact one of our guards immediately.


Medics are present at the festival site the entire day and night, and you can find them to the right of Helvíti (the big stage). Furthermore, the volunteer physician corps PainBoyz from Rigshospitalet’s trauma ward also work at COPENHELL during the festival’s opening hours, helping out with everything from minor to major injuries.

Lost and Found:

COPENHELL has a Lost and Found office on the festival site where you can report in if you have lost your phone, jacket, virginity or something else. The office is located right next to the wardrobe, just as you enter the site. Immediately following COPENHELL, all lost and found items are delivered to the police’s Lost and Found office:

Københavns Politi Hittegodskontoret, Polititorvet, 1567 København V

The office is open between 10:00 and 14:00 on weekdays. You can also call the office at +45 3874 8822 between 09:00 and 11:00 on weekdays.

Also, please remember to look out for your possessions as you can be an easy victim for pickpockets at a festival – regardless of whether you are moshing senselessly around in front of the stages, drunk out of your skull, or just enjoying the music in the evening darkness.

Obviously, you are not allowed to bring any kind of weaponry with you into the festival site. Violation of this rule will result in immediate exclusion and a police report, so do leave your two-handed sword and your flamethrower back home. You are allowed to wear a cartridge belt, however, as long as it doesn’t contain any projectiles.

You cannot bring tables, chairs. etc. with you into the festival site. Indoor seating is available in e.g. the Biergarten tent, and there is also ample opportunity to sit comfortably outside on the green embankments in front of the Helvíti and Hades stages.

You are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks into the festival site without special permission (e.g. food for infants or people with special needs).

Selfie sticks are not allowed at the festival site.

Umbrellas are not allowed on the festival site either, as they block people’s view during concerts. Please bring your own rain clothes or purchase ponchos at the festival if the thunder god gets angry (but of course, we know that it never rains at COPENHELL!). :) 



Tape recorders, video cameras or professional photography cameras, photography cameras with detachable lenses or tripods are not allowed on the festival site. Mobile phones and pocket-sized video cameras and photography cameras are allowed.




Together with KMD, Volt delivers free, portable mobile charging at COPENHELL. A booking link will be made available here once we get closer to the festival.