General Information:


COPENHELL is a city festival with a lot of good and cheap accommodation options within a short distance. If you prefer to spend the night close to the festival site, however, you will be able to do so at COPENHELL Camping, which has both good facilities and a great view of Copenhagen’s harbour and the rest of the city! 

New this year, COPENHELL Camping will open one day earlier than before and will now be available for four dages. COPENHELL Camping opens already at 16:00 on Wednesday, June 21. 

Aside from camping wristbands, festival wristbands will also be put on from Wednesday at 16:00 at COPENHELL Camping.


Tent & Tenthouse Camping:
Ved Refshalevej 151
1432 Copenhagen K



& Caravan: 
Vest for Refshalevej 173
1432 Copenhagen K


The most recent new accommodation option at COPENHELL Camping is our brand new site for autocampers and caravans, which is placed in a new, post-industrial area where sweaty, foul-smelling men used to hammer on metal in the good old B&W shipyard days. This area is reserved for driving units – read more in the section Autocampers and Caravans below.

NOTE: Cars cannot be parked in autocamper area due to limited space.

Check-in begins: Wednesday, June 21 at 16:00. COPENHELL Camping closes on Sunday, June 25 at 12:00. 

ALSO NOTE: Three-day and one-day tickets for COPENHELL only grant access to the festival site. You will need to purchase one of the following tickets if you want four days of accommodation at COPENHELL Camping:


You must purchase one of the following options in order to spend the night at COPENHELL Camping:



Price: DKK 1,900 + booking fee

Save money on hotels and avoid waiting time for cabs and buses by sleeping in your very own luxury hotel room at COPENHELL! Up to 2 persons can spend the night comfortably in an already pitched Royal Tenthouse with a double mattress. Electricity for cell phone recharging and safety box provided. You will only need to bring sheets, duvets, pillows etc., as well as lock for the safety box and for the Royal Tenthouse itself. Royal Tenthouse has the following dimensions: 2.1 x 1.6 x 1.4 meters.

NOTE: 1 camping ticket for Royal Tenthouse gives 2 camping wristbands. You will need to purchase a festival ticket in order to gain access to the festival site.



Price: DKK 600 + booking fee

Spend the night in pre-pitched tents at COPENHELL. You will need to bring camp mattresses, sleeping bag etc. Up to 2 persons can spend the night in the special COPENHELL tent, which you can bring home with you after the festival. The pre-pitched COPENHELL tent has the following dimensions: 2.2 x 2.0 meters.

NOTE: 1 camping ticket for pre-pitched tents gives 2 camping wristbands. You will need to purchase a festival ticket in order to gain access to the festival site.



Price: DKK 200 + booking fee

You can spend the night in your own tent in an area of 2.5 x 2.5 meters per camping ticket. Please be aware that you will need to purchase extra camping tickets if your tent’s dimensions exceed these precise measurements. For instance, if you bring a long tent measuring 1 x 4 meters, you will need 2 camping tickets in order to get enough room for it. Up to 2 persons per tent space can spend the night. If you purchase 2 tent spaces for a bigger tent, you will get 4 wristbands so up to 4 persons can sleep in the tent, etc..

NOTE: 1 camping ticket for own tent gives 2 camping wristbands. You will need to purchase a festival ticket in order to gain access to the festival site.



Price: DKK 650 + booking fee

It is possible to spend the night in an autocamper or caravan at the festival. The vehicle will be placed in our brand-new, closed area with an concrete/asphalt base for autocampers and caravans behind the great B&W hall, with toilets and within short walking distance from the festival site. Front tents can be pitches, but tents that are not a part of the vehicle are not allowed. Power is not available in the site, and cars will need to be parked in the parking lot. The vehicle must measure maxiumum 5 x 9 meters – however, buses are in principle allowed as well if enough tickets to accommodate their size are purchased. One ticket will give 6 camping wristbands that also provide access to the regular camping site, where you can purchase food and drinks, as well as showers.

NOTE: The amount of persons spending the night in autocampers and caravans are up to the individual owner, as long as everyone has a valid camping wristband for the area (up to a maximum of 6 persons per purchased space). You will need to purchase a festival ticket in order to gain access to the festival site.



The camping area is placed in one of Copenhagen’s best locations, right at the water across from Amalienborg and next to the festival site. The harbour bus stops at the Refshaleøen stop right next to the camping area, making it easy to reach and get away from it.

Distance and Location

Pavillion Tents

There is no room for pavillion tents at COPENHELL Camping, and it will not be possible to pitch them.

Food and Beverages

You are allowed to bring your own food and beverages into the camping area, but not into the festival site.


Open fire is strictly prohibited in the camping area, and other cooking equipment and gas jets are not allowed either. Violation of this rule will result in immediate exclusion and loss of your wristband.

Music Systems

Because of limitations by local authorities, music systems of any kind are not allowed in the camping area.

Kiosks, bars and food stalls are available at COPENHELL Camping – but not in the area for autocampers and caravans. People here are encouraged to use the facilities in COPENHELL Camping’s tent area.



Showers are available for purchase at COPENHELL Camping. Opening hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 22-24 from 8:00 to 13:00, Sunday, June 25 from 8:00 to 12:00. You will also be able to enjoy a sauna or hot bath in the viking area Asgard on the festival site.