You should always purchase your COPENHELL tickets through our official vendor – www.ticketmaster.dk – www.ticketmaster.dk. This way, you can rest assured that your tickets are valid and that you purchase them for the correct price.

Unfortunately, ticket sharks attempt to scam people into buying void tickets at excess prices every year. You should there be keenly aware of who is selling the ticket that you are about to purchase, and in particular avoid Viagogo and similar sellers.

Note that sellers of false tickets often create Facebook events that look exactly like the official ones in order to scam people into buying tickets from them. You should always look very closely before you purchase and verify that you are indeed buying your ticket from Ticketmaster.

You can also purchase tickets from other people. In case you do this, you should note that neither COPENHELL nor Ticketmaster can be held liable for your tickets’ validity (nothing prevents a person from selling the same ticket to more people, for instance).

If you would like to make sure that tickets purchased from private individuals are valid, you can use Ticketmaster’s Fan Guarantee, which guarantees you valid tickets as well as the right of cancellation. We recommend that both sellers and buyers use this service, which lets them transfer tickets safely for a small administration fee.