Wheelchair users with a valid membership of Danske Handicaporganisationers Brugerservice (or similar foreign organisations) can purchase a wheelchair ticket for COPENHELL, which provides a supplementary ticket for a helper. You will need to show your proof of membership at the festival entrance. Wheelchair users must contact Ticketmaster directly in order to purchase a wheelchair ticket.

Please note that wheelchair users can enter the festival alone with a normal festival ticket, but this wheelchair ticket gives a helper free access too. Wheelchair tickets cost the same as regular tickets, and we have only a limited amount available due to limited access to the ramps in front of the stages..

People with special needs who don’t use a wheelchair, but would need to bring a helper to the festival, can purchase a regular festival ticket and then contact COPENHELL directly at in order to register a helper.

All surfaces where wheelchair users move around on the festival site are covered with either concrete or crushed asphalt. COPENHELL is working together with wheelchair users who test drive the site during the days before the festival in order to ensure that general access for wheelchair users is as good as possible.

Handicap-accessible toilets are placed together with the regular toilets, and they will be marked clearly on the official festival map.

We have a very limited amount of handicap parking spots available close to the entrance to the festival site. They will be marked with a wheelchair symbol and will require that you have a visible and valid parking card from Danske Handicaporganisationer (or similar foreign organisations). Handicap parking is free.

If you are a wheelchair user or have special needs and would like to tell us how we can improve or upgrade your experience at COPENHELL, we encourage you to send us an e-mail at